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RandM Tornado Puff 7000 Taff European Stock


The minimum sales unit in European warehouses is 1 carton, 1 carton = 10 pieces

1. There are no customs duties in European warehouses

2. European warehouse logistics costs are lower

3. European warehouse ships from Poland and logistics time is short, 3 has 5 working days.

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RandM Tornado Puff 7000 Taff European Stock

Main specifications :

Puffs 7000
Battery 850mAh (Rechargeable Inner Battery)
E-liquid capacity 14.0ML
Types of coils Mesh Coil (1.2Ohm)
Nicotine Strength 2% (20mg/ml)
Style surface treatment Style anthropoïde
Each box contain 10pcs
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The RandM Tornado 7000 is a disposable electronic cigarette that offers a convenient and customizable vaping experience. This is how it works :

Disposable puff gadget : The Tornado 7000 is designed to be used until its e-liquid runs out. It does not require reloading or replacing coils.
Airflow Customization : Users can adjust the airflow according to their preferences. This allows you to control the feeling of drawing when inhaling..
Built-in battery : The Tornado 7000 is equipped with an integrated battery of 1000 mAh. This capacity allows for prolonged use until all the e-liquid is consumed.
Special coils : Tornado coils are designed to last longer than standard vapes. This ensures a consistent, high-quality vaping experience.
Two colors of spools : The RandM Tornado disposable e-cigarette 7000 is equipped with two-color vape coils. This feature can improve battery life and flavor quality.
Allvaper is the best place to get the RandM Tornado 7000 In France. They offer fast delivery and high quality products. Whether you are new to vaping or used to it, their qualified team is here to help you. Trust Allvaper for a satisfying vaping experience ! 😊

Flavor Options
RandM Tornado 7000 Mixed Berries
RandM Tornado 7000 Peach ice
RandM Tornado 7000 Blueberry Bubble
RandM Tornado 7000 Dr Blue
RandM Tornado 7000 Blueberry On lce
Rechargeable Battery Airflow Control Disposable Randm Tornado 7000 Puffs E Cigarette Wholesale I Vape 1RandM Tornado Puff 7000 Taff Stock européen

Weight 0.07 kg

Mixed Berries, Peach ice, Blueberry Bubble, Dr Blue, Blueberry On lce




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